TV's Greatest Dubs

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TV's Greatest Dubs - A Whimsical Tribute to the Legendary Style Scott

Release no.: DFR024
Artist: Dub Rogue
Digital release: xx.xx.2023
The tracklist isn't finalised yet. At the moment, it looks like I will have to split the release into a vocal/sample and a dub versions album due to the sheer amount of creativity involved.

This release features drumsets recorded by Style Scott (R.I.P.) which have been waiting for a little while to be released on Dub Flash.


Mastering by ???.
Cover artwork by Professor Chaos.
All tracks by, from, with, around, through & because of Dub Rogue at Beyond Andromedub Studio, Suomi (2022-2023).
Drumsets by Style Scott, recorded throughout the decades in Jamaica (e.g. Channel One) and England (e.g. On-U).
Overseen, mixed and produced by Me(h).

Behind the scenes:

A tribute to Style Scott has been on my to do list for a long time. As well as the idea of a TV's Greatest Hits styled release. I've always been using samples from TV, movies and such in many of my songs. So, now there is a whole album like that. As an early reviewer commented: "Wonderfully weird." I take it. ;)

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